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Fixed Prosthesis

Fixed Prostodontic

Fixed prosthodontics is restoring teeth using prosthesis that are fixed into the patient's mouth. They are typically made outside patient's mouth, in a laboratory after taking impressions (moulds) for the technicians to work with. They are also known as 'indirect restorations'.
Choice of treatment that we provide here are:-
·         Crown
·         Bridge
·         Veneer
·         Inlay
·         Onlay
Mydentist@ampang also provide you a few choices of material for your treatment. Such as:
·         EMax – lithium disilicate
·         Zirconia
·         Hybrid ceramic
·         Feldspar ceramic

Now, with our current state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology, your treatment can be done in single visit only. ( click on Latest news for more information)

Watch some video below for understanding.




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Ceramic Crown

Porcelain Fused Metal

Full Metal Crown

Temporary Crown

RM 1,500.00Add to CartRM 1,000.00Add to CartRM 850.00Add to CartRM 500.00Add to Cart

Full Ceramic Bridge

Porcelain Fused Metal

RM 1,500.00Add to CartRM 1,500.00Add to Cart  



RM 1,500.00Add to CartRM 1,500.00Add to Cart  

Ceramic Veneer


RM 1,500.00Add to CartRM 1,500.00Add to Cart  



RM 400.00Add to CartRM 380.00Add to Cart  

Stainless Steel Crown (Paedodontic)

RM 300.00Add to Cart   

Fibre Reinforce Splint

Resin Bonded Bridge

RM 600.00Add to CartRM 1,100.00Add to Cart  

Recementation of Failed Prosthesis

RM 120.00Add to Cart   

Inlay / Onlay (per unit)

Veneer (per unit)

Bridge (per unit)

Crown (EMax ĘC lithium disilicate Zirconia Hybrid ceramic Feldspar ceramic)

RM 1,800.00Add to CartRM 1,800.00Add to CartRM 18,000.00Add to CartRM 1,800.00Add to Cart


RM 600.00Add to Cart   

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